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MDBR is a firm that practices local government law and brings its expertise for crafting legally defensible land use regulations to help communities guide growth and development in the 21st century. For more information regarding MDBR, please visit or contact Mr. Gerald Dahl, Esq. at

What we can do for you:
MDBR and Plan Tools are distinguished by our ability to efficiently deliver cost-effective yet very high quality planning services to small and mid-size Colorado communities. Our specialties include:

Land Use Code Diagnosis:
Plan Tools and MDBR have developed a unique approach to land use code revision: Before drafting the actual revisions, we first review the existing code against the current statutes and case law as well as the local issues and problems identified by the client. The product of this review is a written “code diagnosis” in an outline chart form. The code diagnosis, also known as a code audit, describes exactly what revisions are needed and where. This method produces clear policy choices early in the process, making code drafting more straight-forward and obtaining political acceptance well before the adoption hearing.

Land Use Code Revision:
Armed with the guidance from the code diagnosis process, we produce the revisions needed to implement your comprehensive plan, bring the land use code into compliance with current statutes and case law, and consolidate the code into a streamlined, user-friendly document.

Zoning Transition Program:
Large–scale rezoning involves moving the community to new zone districts while addressing vested rights and existing development. We develop a legally defensible and consensus-based strategy and implementation approach to update your zoning map so that it is consistent with your comprehensive plan and updated zoning districts.

HB 1041 Regulations:
We have drafted HB 1041 (“Areas of State Interest”) regulations to address unique local issues including water resources, solar power, transportation and agricultural dry-up.

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